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The Comedy Time Network launched as the comedy channel for Sprint TV and MobiTV in July, 2004 and has since expanded on to all major carrier decks as well as cable/satellite/IP television, broadband video and traditional media. It is a market leader in the production and distribution of short-form comedy programming.

Comedy Time is available on most major entertainment video portals and has established highly trafficked channels with over 50 Million views on Youtube alone. Within these channels Comedy Time has launched multiple verticals targeting specific audiences including Chick Comedy (Women), Funny4Shizzle (Urban) and Comedy Time Latino (Latino).

Comedy Time has been engaged by major brands to develop and produce comedy content compatible with their audiences. In this regard Comedy Time’s Saw III DVD release campaign won both Media Week’s “Media Plan of the Year” award and Jack Myers’ “Gold Agency” award.

Comedy Time has expanded into the production of long-form programming and has produced two seasons of the half-hour show Man Up Stand-Up in HD for cable network MavTV. The popular half-hour program features today’s top male oriented stand-up comics and is hosted by Last Comic Standing finalist Adam Hunter. It is also available through Netflix.

Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer David Goldman and President, Michael Goldman, two entertainment industry veterans, the company continues to expand its leadership position, establishing worldwide distribution agreements, enhancing positioning with mobile, broadband and cable carriers and establishing new original programming opportunities.

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Comedy Time in the News

Variety - "How viral comics make careers stick"

So your standup video went viral, the agencies are calling and Hollywood wants to turn that online heat into real audiences. Now what? "In the old days, for a comic to get notoriety, they had to be out there for 10 years working on an act, and usually had to be able to headline, just to get the attention of the Johnny Carson bookers or the places you could be seen," says David E. Goldman, CEO of Comedy Time, a low-pay, high-exposure site that delivers short standup videos to online and mobile viewers. "Nowawdays, you can have a great two or three minutes (of material), and everybody sees it, so you have to be really ready to meet that opportunity when it happens." more

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