08 November 2011 ~

Top 5 Worst Places To Be When Your Cell Phone Goes Off

For those everyday (or not-so-everyday) moments of shame that make you want to beat your head against a brick wall….


5. Class- This may not apply to those who haven’t been in college in the past ten to twenty years but as cell phone usage in high schools and college settings  have skyrocketed, professors’ patience has bottomed out. And nothing is worse than your particularly vicious British professor telling you to put the call on speakerphone and let the entire class listen to your conversation.



4. A crowded movie theater- You thought you were really sly for successfully smuggling in red vines, popcorn, and a large soda from home. Well genius, you forgot to silence your phone and now you have to find it amidst all of the clutter, causing you to spill popcorn everywhere. Mission accomplished failed.



3. Church- The big man upstairs may not judge but that doesn’t mean that the other 50-250 onlookers won’t. Best thing to do? Play it off like God’s calling. It would just be rude to ignore that one.




2. A Job Interview- As if it wasn’t awkward enough to shake someone’s hand with sweaty palms, now you have to explain why you have a Rihanna ringtone on top of an inadequate resume. Or, you could do yourself a favor, politely excuse yourself and leave.



1. A Funeral- Nothing says ‘rest in peace’ quite like your outdated “Bye, Bye, Bye” NSYNC ringtone. Poor Aunt Alice….






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