“It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious.”

Bill Hicks

07 June 2013 ~

04 June 2013 ~

Baseball, not “face”ball

  He figured out you’re supposed to hit the ball with the bat a little too late… we can’t always be winners.

04 June 2013 ~

We’re All Beautiful From a Distance…

Thanks to comedian, Demetri Martin for helping us with self image.

01 June 2013 ~

Since June Rhymes with Balloon…

01 June 2013 ~

June 1st: The Real Christmas

On this day, June 1st, you may find some families gathered around their Christmas trees, exchanging gifts and honoring the birth of an extremely influential figure to many: God.  … some people take movies too seriously. Happy Birthday, Morgan Freeman!  You’ve played “God” so many times, you’ve made June 1st the new December 25th.

08 November 2012 ~

Big Bird Save the Planet!

15 October 2012 ~

Vibrator Race!


06 September 2012 ~


THE HEALTH AND  WELLNESS INSTITUTE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  ADVISES THE FOLLOWING: ComedyTime.com is not only funny, but more importantly it is also good for your Health! So pop it! Snort it! Suck it! Put it up your rear! Implement it any way you can! Just make sure you get your daily dose of Comedy Time. [...]

06 September 2012 ~

No Laughing Matter

Did you know that laughing can add at least 3 to 4 years to your life span? British Scientists have discovered the laughing gene. There is now serious evidence that 2 cups of laughter can seriously increase most people’s life expectancy. So British humor seems to once again surprise the world. So laugh our ass off or Die [...]

15 August 2012 ~

Funny pictures 8/15